Employee Rights Attorney Tad Roumayah of Sommers Schwartz, Elevated to Chair Position at the State Bar of Michigan Labor and Employment Law Section

Feb 1, 2024

Detroit, Michigan Attorney Tad Roumayah of Sommers Schwartz has been elevated to the prestigious position of Chair at the State Bar of Michigan’s Labor and Employment Law Section. This appointment is a testament to Tad’s experience, commitment to employee rights, and the high regard in which he is held by his peers and the legal community.

The State Bar of Michigan’s Labor and Employment Law Section is dedicated to the provision of education, information, and analysis concerning labor and employment law issues to its members and the general public. As Chair of this high-profile section, Tad will be at the forefront of legal thought leadership, driving crucial conversations and setting the legal agenda in this rapidly evolving sphere.

Since joining Sommers Schwartz in 2011, Tad has channeled his efforts towards employment matters, becoming a staunch advocate for clients involved in employment disputes. He has been a vocal spokesperson for workers at all levels who have faced discrimination, breaches of employment contracts, wrongful termination, civil rights violations, and whistleblower retaliation.

Tad’s meteoric rise within the firm is a testament to his dedication and skill. In 2016, he was designated a junior shareholder, making him one of the youngest shareholders in the firm’s history. His career trajectory continued its upward trend when the Sommers Schwartz Board of Directors appointed him secretary in 2018. In 2020, the firm honored Tad by elevating him to senior shareholder, an achievement that distinguished him as one of the youngest individuals to attain an equity partnership in the firm’s history.

This latest accomplishment of serving as the Chair of the State Bar of Michigan’s Labor and Employment Law Section reinforces Tad’s standing as an accomplished and respected legal expert. His unwavering commitment to champion workers’ rights and his dedication to his profession promise a dynamic and impactful tenure as the Chair of the State Bar of Michigan’s Labor and Employment Law Section.

Sommers Schwartz congratulates Tad Roumayah on his prestigious appointment and looks forward to his continued contributions to the firm and the broader legal landscape.

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