Powerhouse Litigation Firm Sommers Schwartz Launches New Commercial

Mar 25, 2023

Sommers Schwartz, a powerhouse litigation firm, has released a brand-new commercial that reminds viewers what it takes to be a champion in the courtroom year after year. Your future. Our fight. Sommers Schwartz.

The team of nationally recognized lawyers at Sommers Schwartz fights for clients who have been seriously injured by others’ wrongful acts and negligence. The law firm has more than 45 years of experience handling personal injury cases along with a wide range of legal matters.

Just like athletes who consistently compete and win, the attorneys of Sommers Schwartz are committed to strategic preparation and precise execution. Working together as a team, their lawyers have an extensive track record of successful settlements and verdicts. The law firm has won more than $1 billion for clients and their families.

Sommers Schwartz has what it takes to stand up to big corporations, health care entities, and aggressive insurance companies. The law firm leverages its extensive resources and nationwide reputation for excellence to protect clients’ rights. Sommers Schwartz attorneys are formidable opponents in court with their winning combination of skill, expertise, and determination.

Besides personal injury, Sommers Schwartz‘s other practice areas include medical malpractice, commercial and business law, employment disputesunpaid wages and overtime, and consumer protection. The law firm serves clients across the country from its offices in Michigan and California.

Your future. Our fight. Sommers Schwartz.

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